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An idea for the copier

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  • An idea for the copier

    Hi all,

    What do you think about the idea that as soon as the master account opens a trades, the copier on the slave accounts will have two options to choose from one after the other
    Either open the trade directly if the price is within slippage settings, if not it will place a pending order, this pending order will be deleted in case it wasn't fulfilled as soon as the master close it
    Isn't the pending order will let the client account open the trades in case the price was met much faster than the copier?
    Also this will be nice for - ve slippage settings, as soon as the master open a trade a pension order will be set using the - ve slippage amount set by user

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    A pretty good idea in fairness but to do this will require quite a lot of development on the copier front. At the minute our focus is getting cTrader active so I can't promise we can look at this soon, but we will definatly look at it in the future.


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      Fair enough
      Wish you all the bets in making this the best available solution I the market

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