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    Does anyone know of a smart way to monitor and track available margin?

    I don't suppose MyFXBook does this, or would it have to be a custom EA of sorts?

    Ta !

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    Try this >


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      I also use > for emergency alerting of margin, equity and such. I set it to email my GMAIL and then i set a filter in GMAIL to forward to my phone.


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        Hey thanks Brandon.

        Thats awesome. Really appreciate it.

        I'll give both of them a go next week. I like the idea of emergency alerts to email ... well, i don't like the idea of having an emergency with my margin lol, but you get the idea!
        It would be good to set it to a lower threshold amount, so that you can make decisions to turn down risk, or manually close things etc.


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          I see that website i posted above is broken now so i'll attach the indi i had saved. This indi is only one i found to track margin usage. I turn off/hide most of the options that don't deal with margin tracking. Screenshot attached but, this was just added to a new acct.

          Credit goes to the original author.

          If you have something better post it
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