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  • Suggestion about SimpleTrader

    I am comming up with the suggestion...

    DISCLAMER : I do not tell to anyone what to do, i don't want that and i don't have permission to do/say that...I am just expressing my personal point of view...Maybe idea & goals of simple trade are completely opposite, so i apologize in advance if there is misunderstanding from my side...Let's go!

    So in the last time i started to noticing that many new traders are comming on the first ranks on simple trader, but many of new signals are on extremely high risk...extreme gains...So as you probably know these kind of signals are popular on mql5 or zulu or any other copier...Lets be honest, having for example 3000% gain and 50% DD is not the case in trading/investing long term. ( i don't have anything personal against anyone, but we all know the truth, even low risk signals get in big troubles sometimes, what about these high risk signals heh..)?

    Ok so i know a little bit about marketing and i know that the whole point of marketing is fighting for perception in customers heads...(example: if i ask you what is the first company when i tell you a word chocolate, you will probably tell me up to 3 companies which are most popular (well promoted) in your area...) And if you create company which is in first 3 places in customers head it is win win!)

    So it is the same if you ask me, tell me what are best trading copiers you know?
    I will tell you what most people would say :
    Simple trader, mql5, zulutrade, main street alpha, etc...

    Why simpltrader is on first place at many many people heads?
    Because it REPRESENT QUALITY LONG TERM SIGNALS, with very good advanced adjustments of risk and other parameters....

    MQL5 and others represent high risk signals, NO QUALITY, no advanced risk control or any way how to copy trades (fixed, %, etc...)

    The bottom line....
    If you will start allowing these kind of signals which are popular on mql5, Simple trader will lost a concept of QUALITY COPIER in customers head...I would personally suggest to focus really on high quality signals (stable returns, max DD of 20%, long time opened account, account size, etc....) I don't know how these ranks on simple trader work (probably in coleration betwen gain and DD) but i really suggest to improve how to rank these traders...If you would like to keep a concept of QUALITY you should put high risk signals in other "folder"...

    Maybe it would be smart if you make as i said 2 groups....when you click on market place there could be two direction :
    1. PROFFESIONAL INVESTMENT APPROACH (Longterm, high quality, stable, low risk signals)
    2. RETAIL INVESTMENT APPROACH (EAs, high risk signals, huge gains, etcc.)

    I would also make bundles (presets) for pro investment approach and make little discounts:
    Example :
    Bundle 1 (low risk) - 1x Viper, 1x Kili, 1x Smart, 1x Steady, 1x Beta -10% discount on each!
    Bundle 2 (medium risk) - 2x Viper, 2x Kili, 1x Smart, 2x Steady, 1x Beta -10% discount on each!
    and so on....

    So you would calculate all monthly subscribtion and offer lets say 10% discount on each...

    Also there is another problem which MIGHT (just saying that it might happen) appears on simple trader...High risk traders will start comming and comming, They will start noticing that they can become on first TOP 10 rank... they will start reducing their signal price (monthly subs.), and people will get more and more interest...While top traders would keep prices above 100$ and make few % per month while they will offer for around 50$ and making 10 - 100% per month..Retail investor will aim for huge profit %%% instead of consistent and stable outcome and spread capital among many traders (bundles) , which you know is the only approach in this business. When trader burn account on these high risk signals it will most likely quit investing into that and you will lost a customer.

    If i would run my own trade copier i would handpick each trader who would like to offer signal on my copier and put them into a group where me and my team would decide, so we would make an arrangement..

    It is not just all about copiying and accepting every signal who has 1000$ and 3 months of trading , it is also about making and offering quality signals long term with stable trading and building simple trader economy wisely. If there will be 10 more traders with few 100% gain per month and huge DD, all quality signals we all know will drop down to rank 20...The problem is that when these high risk signals will colapse there is a smaller chance that they will come back to old good signals again...

    I do care about Simple Trader because when i saw it for the first time i know that this is quality copier which i was looking for..I really don't want that simple trader become another "mql5"

    DISCLAMER : I do not tell to anyone what to do, i don't want that and i don't have permission to do/say that...I am just expressing my personal point of view...Maybe idea of simple trade is completely opposite, so i apologize in advance if there is misunderstanding from my side...

    Let me know what do you think!

    Best Regards
    FX Protector

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    So far so good! Still double checking the rest.