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  • Giving a little back

    Hi All,

    TDLR, site audio chat, leave a vote for prefered client, your choice counts

    Ive not been round, but honestly im glad i took a break, its shown me some real home truths,

    but anyway, that story can be for my experience thread not here

    Right, i see this mentioned often, but i see yet no implimentation thus far of an audio feature added to the chat room.

    so, im proposing, to run a teamspeak/vent/any other company you care to mention, for anyone here who wants to chat an exchange ideas

    from what i can tell, the bandwith is not massivly big to host ther server, so i wonder why it hasnt happened yet. (google makes me believe 75 people can fit into 20Meg pipe, ofcourse it depends on audio codec, i was unable to find that piece of detail

    an as it goes, I have a 100/100 dedicated pipe, which im willing to segment 20Meg away both up and down for this task, i estimate what 20 regulars likely,

    If this experiment fails due to: bandwidth not sufficient, or lack of use, or really anything that shows the plan just not working, or above all, any security issue identified, then it WILL be shut down,

    The server itself will be a repurposed laptop of mine that will have no other function other than this audio, it will be locked down as much as possible while still allowing whats needed.

    any issues with security sadly will ruin it for eveyone

    The server will be feed via 2 differnt power phases and is double UPS backed, also the 100/100 is backed by a 5/1 in emergencys. also the site situated has multiple generators in case of massive powers issues (weeks of fuel)

    in effect its a pretty sweet setup, infact in the same place on another fiber and net runs my backup trade server incase my VPS dies, its been solid since day one, an i expect this to be,

    well thats all,

    hopefully this will gain some intreset

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    personally i vote teamspeak

    very little lag unlike vent, we all can talk, good built in features

    ill get this built over the next two days, pm me if you are intrested in testing,


    edit, a quick ask in chat that was quiet at the time, showed there is some interest at least,

    im going to map a wan ip i have to a dynamic dns to make it easier on the clients

    the dyn dns name is also up for vote

    curently it will be something like fsignalsmemberchat
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      also i would require at least one other admin, mainly to give new users access, investigate server outages, and generally help,

      sadly 0 pay, as im doing this for free anyway, so i guess im looking for someone who can be avaliable for a few hours a week here and there,

      for the server we keep it simple and use teamviewer for basic admin, so really all i need is a few hours, and those hours could be all done from your mobile in your pocket,

      also this admin is very important, as i travel for work, sometimes a week without internet in some of the shittiest countries in the world, i need an admin to cover my arse

      oh.. and rules,

      invite only,
      admin create account only
      password changed monthly,
      as its an adult room, then any topic or language is allowed, (unless it is destoying the service for others,)
      with a member and password/invite system, the people who like to destoy good things a bit harder for them to do anoymously,

      hell if it gets bad with people trying to trash the server, then ill keep it running, but at this point all members must submit a photo of themselves with any id with some personal details blanked, but most importantly, i special word written onto plain paper in the photo.

      that way, your avatar is really you, and the message means you havent stolen another same named individuals photo from the web

      honestly though, id like security to be at a minimum, we start with just asking for an invite, and as people destroy, we nail down and overcome

      that is all for now

      hope someone has got a few hours,

      now while im just plain old me, admin request have to come from members well known around here, you know who you are!


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        Hi Dupapa. I like your idea to a certain degree. I am not privy to teamspeak does it give you the option to post images so that you can discuss your trade idea with the group. If it does then great but if it doesn't then I am sure there are better ideas out there other then teamspeak.


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          Hi Dazz

          Teamspeak while brilliant at having many users and small bandwidth for decent audio quality all with virtually no lag, it does not excel as well as say the chat room on this site for sharing pictures, you can send files to room members, but they do not display in the thread itself,

          I kind of like the restriction to start, after all im not looking to replace the chat room, but add a voice option,

          if a group develops down the line and sharing is wanted then something like Discord will give it all,

          BTW your the only person who has shown any interest, so i was about to shelve the idea, but just tonight chatting in the chatroom, it seems at least a few members will be interested, so with that in mind tomorrow i will build a teamspeak server an i will give out the web address you need to connect once it is online,


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            Any update?

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              any update ?


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                Sorry I have been totally flat out all week and just haven't found the time, and today is the day I have my boy over, I've set time aside to put this together tomorrow, I've literally got nothing else on, so I will keep my word this time it will be active tomorrow

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                  Right it went into work today as planned and setup the server,
                  im awaiting a non profit license to turn up, the only limitation without the NPL is that i have only 1 instance and 32 "slots" available currently, come weekday business hours this license will come

                  the server itself is hosted behind an Airvpn tunnel, who i couldn't recommend more for security an anonymity online

                  I will first put the details up here, if it gets abused then ill shift it to another server and will lock it down to ip adress given only via pm's

                  It should be always online as:


                  testing has shown BT internet (my second source im testing with, cannot yet resolve that DNS name to an ip, it should within a hour or so)

                  alternatively for now also works

                  Default channel is unlocked, trade channel needs a password, pm me for it

                  what else... ah as it is behind a vpn, let me know any issues with latency, (it should be fine)

                  well this is the first run, so lots can be improved, but i wanted to get a stub network setup and it online, which it is,

                  Im out for a few hours, ill be keeping an eye on my messages though, i should be online in terms of able to speak tonight


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                    Will try and login tonight. Cheers

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                      looking good its up and working cool


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                        Just found out teamspeak is on android. Yippeee

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                          Cant login

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                            This is a little weird I can't connect either but logging into the server shows me and you dazz as being online. I got your chat message too but not been online until just now. Im driving currently so I cannot investigate but will within the hour

                            I'll set a push notification for this thread so I see when you post nor seven hours later.

                            I'd guess something has gone wrong with the vpn part cause it's online but ports on my firewall are not open this is so if the vpn did disconnect my real ip is not exposed nor is the server to certain types of attack

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                              Feck it I pulled over.. what's broke is the ddns mapping I.e not working but using the ip above the works a OK just logged in using the ip

                              Hmm wonder why that's broke when I get to my destination I'll do a nslookup to see what the Internet resolves to. If it correct I'll pester my von provider if it's incorrect I'll have to work out what and why.

                              For now using the ip instead of the name is all good an in fact that ip won't change now I've locked it down

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