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install FS momentum meter on mac with parallels desktop ?

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  • install FS momentum meter on mac with parallels desktop ?

    Good Evening, did someone install the FS momentum meter on mac with parallel desktop ? i try to do it, but it is not shown in the mt4. i did it more often as discribed in the manual, but there seem to be a problem with the admin rights . Can someone help ?
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    Sorry, I don't use a mac, but some simple things on Windows would be

    1) Open MT4, and go to 'File' -> 'Open Data Folder', on windows that would open up File Manager to the correct location for that MT4 instance
    2) Make sure the indicator code is in MQL4/Indicators relative to that location
    3) On the Navigator panel in MT4, right click on 'indicators' and select refresh

    Can't think of anything else, but the actual path is crazy complicated and different for each MT4 instance you have installed, for one of mine it is :-

    C:\Users\gpfwe\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal \76AE827A66F7801B9D79B1FD1D2103FD\MQL4\Indicators


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      Hi Westie, thank you for your answer, this was my problem, now it is shown, but i have an unsupported broker.


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        does someone know a similar indicator ?


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          I think I searched and the similar ones all seemed to be paid for ones. I ended up opening a Blueberry Markets account to run it. You can just open a demo one and it'll run on that.

          Not ideal, but it's a great indicator so worth it.


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            thanks, for the good idea.


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              Could someone explain how to install the Momentum indicator on a Windows machine using MT4. Thanks in advance.