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Losses are inevitable

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  • Losses are inevitable

    EVERY trader....even the greatest experiences loss and it is important to learn from your losses and turn your losses into profits! If you haven't lost, you haven't learned. The hardest part of trading is learning to deal and cope with the losses, learning from them, and turning those lessons into the foundation that can help you achieve major wins.

    Key points for a successful trader:

    1. Learn to accept failure

    2. Manage your risk

    3. Track every play

    4. Find your edge

    5. Be patient

    6. Never stop learning
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    Very true. We should learn from the failure and keep track on what we did wrong. We should also have a good risk management strategy. A good reminder!


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      Is that possible if we can't loss in forex?


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        Just like in any other trade, it is a normal thing to get losses as you trade. Though losses, are inevitable, you can reduce your losses by ensuring you manage your risks properly. Without proper risk management practices, any trader is bound to fail, whether a newbie or experienced


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          Lossses are indeed inevitable in forex trading, but that is not abnormal since every other business faces profits and losses. What makes the difference is how you handle your losses, so every trader should use his losses as a climbing stone towards success


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            I find that keeping regular trading diary would significantly help any trader. In this way he or she will be able to make reflection on previous trades and analyse well what was made good and/or bad in previous trading so that they can make improvements in the future


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              Any business has its financial moments that can lead to losses... And it's normal that not everyone can handle it. It's not that simple, and risks can lead to great emotional distress...