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The ultimate guide to choosing your forex broker

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  • The ultimate guide to choosing your forex broker

    Hello fellow traders!

    As you now probably already know, having a good forex broker can make or break your trading. What's the point of making a lot of money, if you get screwed over by your broker?

    The issue is that most of the guides out there on how to find a forex broker are repetitive and bring nothing new to the table.

    Furthermore, the brokers they recommend using are horrible or just complete bucketshops.

    Instead, we created the most comprehensive guide out there to make sure you never end up with a scam broker.

    We cover the most important aspects and teach you the process you should go through each and every time before you decide to open an account with a brokerage.

    This guide will help you develop your own method for finding a good forex broker.

    Here is the link:

    Thanks for reading and hope it helps you become a better trader overall!
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    Good article, nothing new but still well put together.
    I use JAFX for Forex and Crypto, what are your opinions of them?


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      I have not personally traded with them, but 20 seconds worth of googling is more than enough to see that they are crap.

      If I were you, I would just withdraw my money asap and choose another broker.
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        When I saw your post I assumed you were just another affiliate website looking for clicks, but this is a great article.

        Thanks for sharing
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          Thanks a lot! However, the article is quite long and I think many people don't have the patience to read it through, considering the perception that forex trading should be quick and easy money.
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            A nice article ..i also came a cross a blog that explains the key things to look for when selecting a Forex broker . It not a lengthy blog but it covers all the important aspects that one should be knowing when selecting a Forex brokerage firm.
            Choose the best forex broker | Understand the different kinds of forex brokers their spread, leverage, trading platform & funding options


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              Originally posted by Nick View Post
              When I saw your post I assumed you were just another affiliate website looking for clicks, but this is a great article.

              Thanks for sharing
              I have never seen ever this type comment from any Administrator, it' appreciate me. thanks for your comment , just liked it.


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                Dear @Groundfinance
                Your post is really good, but it's too long, i'm tried to read it. give me some pay to read
                Ha ha

                Just kidding
                Anyway, it's really too long, beginner don't want to read more.


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                  hi, i'm from Canada, ive been trading Fx for a few years now, now im ready for make larger deposits to trade with, only question or concern is "which broker"
                  In canada, we have IIROC to regulate broker (such as fxcm, oanda,, cmc markets, i heard bad reviews for all of them unfortunately) and insurance up to $1 million of depositor's fund.. but i kinda wanna stay away from market makers i mention above...

                  so any recommendation for larger account size? ($200k - $500k),?