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    The Financial Industry is the fastest growing Best Forex and Crypto Signal and Education Provider with a great community. Our company has the best currency analyst team working together to deliver higher success rate in the short term trading. Our company has well developed infrastructure with a good working atmosphere which deliver the highest possible outcome in term of our customer satisfaction. The Financial Industry is an open family for all traders!

    The Financial Industry provides:

    - Crypto and Forex education, with a huge libary full of books, lessons, video's and an 8 week trading course! We also host webinars.

    - Crypto Daytrade, Position and swing signals

    - Forex scalp and position signals

    - Trading Bot support. We can setup your bot or We can even run your trading bot, so we do all the work for you!

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    Hmmmm not a fan of Bots......


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      The bots are a very functional tool that is not yet perfected and that is mostly handled by the wrong companies that seek to scam their customers for a lot of money, however often many traders work on its improvement to offer a better service to society, in my case I am dedicated to the design of automatic systems for exotic pairs and I always concentrate on offering a good service all my customers, futurely the bots for trading will be achieved more easily to the current and with favorable results for all investors.


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        In my opinion, this is not the safest way to trade, because in fact you cannot control the situation yourself, you become an outside observer, who can just do his business in a crisis and not even know what is happening to the capital. I wouldn't be able to do that for sure, it's extremely unsafe, even if there are good trading systems, there are still far fewer than bad ones.


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          From everything I have seen in the market, I have not yet seen robots that could trade as well as a human. On the one hand, they have their own advantages, for example, they are devoid of emotions and panic, that is, in any situation they operate according to the planned algorithm. But I think that many people will agree with me in the sense that often unforeseen and non-standard situations occur in the market. And of course in this case the robot simply will not react and can significantly harm your money.