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Major Mistake by Investor

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  • Major Mistake by Investor

    What are some Major Mistake done by Investor while trading in Forex?

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    Investors do many mistakes while trading in forex which involves some of the followings:
    • Ignoring the Fundamentals: When rushed to pursue the desire to make quick profits in the market, stock investors tend to ignore the fundamentals of the company where they plan to invest. Some investors buy shares without taking the time to gather basic information about the company, especially about the products or services sold by the company, as well as the company's future prospects.
    • Even though stock investors should look at the company has consistently presented revenue growth and good corporate governance. Never invest in a company without understanding the dynamics of the business.
    • Because of limited capital, newbies often buy lots of change, even though it can be completely unprofitable. If you are stuck in this mindset, remember that your investment return does not depend on how many shares you hold but from the future of the company whose shares are in your hands. You will have a greater chance of making a profit if you buy a few superior stocks instead of buying thousands of coins.
    • Nearsightedness: Beginner stock investors are also often only able to see gains in the short term. Even if you want to make profits quickly, then you must have the ability to precisely predict the market. Prices fluctuate wildly in the short term, so profit or loss will be determined by the ability of stock investors to make transactions at the right time. Thus, it is very difficult to achieve profit in a short time.
    • Reluctant to bear the loss: Many stock investors are eager to disburse small profits, but they are often reluctant to bear losses with cut losses on stocks that are "sinking". Even when prices sink, they continue to hold the falling stock regardless of the fundamentals in the hope that the price will rise again.
    • Even more than that, some investors actually buy more with the aim of reducing the average cost of their stock portfolio. In fact, buying when the falling price is only recommended when the decline is temporary and the growth prospects are still positive. Thus, when the price of a stock falls, you should investigate "why prices go down" first before acting.
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