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  • Any business owners here?

    Hey, I'm a trader, but I want to start my own business. What marketing strategy is the best? Share your opinion, experience, and tips)

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    First try with demo accounts learn new algorithm & strategies then start with real account.


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      What kind of business? So little information. Anyway, I think this will be useful for you, that's a list of my favorite social media marketing tools.


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        Well If you are looking for a good start than you must hire an expertise in Business consultation. And Luckily I Know some one which can help you out. Please check this website OSG capital here is an example for a dentist business plan They have provided me best results and now my business growth is brilliant. Hope fully you also like it.


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          First, experiment and refine your marketing strategy. Find your competitors. Look-alike modeling is a common example of semi-supervised learning algorithms - in this case, one only has positive labeled data and not negative data. As it turned out, instead of just training the models on the labeled subset, you can pre-train the model on the entire training set, before fine-tuning it with the labeled subset, and you get better performance this way.