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  • Any business owners here?

    Hey, I'm a trader, but I want to start my own business. What marketing strategy is the best? Share your opinion, experience, and tips)

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    First try with demo accounts learn new algorithm & strategies then start with real account.


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      What kind of business? So little information. Anyway, I think this will be useful for you, that's a list of my favorite social media marketing tools.


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        Well If you are looking for a good start than you must hire an expertise in Business consultation. And Luckily I Know some one which can help you out. Please check this website OSG capital here is an example for a dentist business plan They have provided me best results and now my business growth is brilliant. Hope fully you also like it.


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          First, experiment and refine your marketing strategy. Find your competitors. Look-alike modeling is a common example of semi-supervised learning algorithms - in this case, one only has positive labeled data and not negative data. As it turned out, instead of just training the models on the labeled subset, you can pre-train the model on the entire training set, before fine-tuning it with the labeled subset, and you get better performance this way.


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            Thanks a vast for sharing these essential prospects with us and huge gratitude for that. The topic that you've stated is undoubtedly filled with significance and we really can't deny that fact.

            Anyways, lastly just wanted to tell you that finding a broker might sound hard, and trust me it really is quite hard but if you look properly you'll find some of the best options out there which obviously includes Litefinance since they are providing an ultra-wide range of trading accessories.

            Have a great day!