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Where I can learn how to option trade?

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  • Where I can learn how to option trade?

    How can I get an entry level position where I can learn how to trade?

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    I learn by reading blogs on this subject


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      I assume you are referring to binary options? If so, I'd recommend against trading them in general, because binary options trading carries a lot of inherent amount of risk for two main reasons.
      The first reason is that the trading itself resembles gambling more than it does actual trading and as such you are unlikely to make consistent profit off them. The second reason is that binary options brokers have, unfortunately, long attained the reputation for being dishonest at best, scammers at worst. While not nearly all binary options brokers are scammers, enough among them have acted in less than honest manner over the years to cause both regulators and law enforcement all over the world to crack down hard on the entire industry.
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        You learn option trade, by watching videos, discussion in forums, read articles and blogs. If you want to success in Option trading then check below points

        - Use the options Greeks to measure risk
        - Manage risk carefully
        - Be careful about the number of option contracts you trade.
        - Donít go broke.
        - Do not expect miracles.
        - Selling naked options is less risky than buying stock
        - Limit losses
        - Hope is not a strategy


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          On google you can find many Website about this topic


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            manuell is right, by google you can find a lot about this topic


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              What do you mean by entry level position ? You know there are many many trading brokers here. They do have stuff here as well. So you can hire yourself to them and that's it. Write resume to them and they may hire you for some entry level thing