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    hi. i'm with alpari uk on micro account. this is the table of their spreads: MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Product And Contract Specs | Forex Spreads | Alpari UK. some of them are really big. what pairs would you recommend to disable? also what minimum balance you reccommend (risk 1:1) in order to trade metals (you pick up some trades,as i can see) if minimum trade size is 0.01 (1 troy oz for gold, 50-for silver)? leverage is 1:500 for forex; 1:200 for metals? best regards


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      the best way is to open account at your broker right silent ??so that what wont be any differences in slipage..
      rights .. right ???

      any other past results available to show us ?? that kind of results are like something out of this world ... at least for me ...


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        Hi again, Sorry, I dont' want to beat a dead horse, but I have to ask a question. I am from U.S. And can only have 50:1 leverage. What do I set my settings to, to match silent. And have the same equivalent to him. What should my risk multiplier be?


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          Wow this has Martingale written ALL OVER IT.

          2013/10/09 11:01:40 2013/10/11 07:42:50 1.351480 1.354800 1.00 Buy EURUSD 326.22 33.2 1193631
          2013/10/09 07:21:45 2013/10/11 07:42:45 1.352580 1.354800 0.70 Buy EURUSD 151.35 22.2 1193273
          2013/10/09 07:16:21 2013/10/11 07:42:40 1.353040 1.354780 0.70 Buy EURUSD 117.75 17.4 1193259
          2013/10/09 07:07:57 2013/10/11 07:42:35 1.353920 1.354780 0.70 Buy EURUSD 56.15 8.6 1193226
          2013/10/09 07:04:07 2013/10/11 07:42:30 1.354660 1.354800 0.50 Buy EURUSD 4.11 1.4 1193205

          is it luck or what?


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            No way to achieve same results with leverage 1:50
            Your maximum risk multiplier is 0.125
            On some baskets and since he is a grid strategy with very high risks, the margin sometimes reaches 25 percent of the equity using leverage 1:400

            @Nick, to avoid problems with new members, i think you need to mention in bold that leverage should not be less than 1:400 to be able to follow up and not blow the account due to margin requirements , also a small table of lower leverage ratios and their corresponding risk multiplier
            like for example:
            1:50 ==> risk : 0.125
            1:100 ==> 0.25
            1:200 ==> 0.5
            those numbers are based on minimum needed leverage for risk 1x which is 1:400

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              Guys - if you have not traded forex before and don't completely understand leverage, lot sizing, US trading rules, how to open up an account(!!) etc then IMHO this is NOT the thing to start your forex journey with. As Okda has said, people trying to run this on a US account with a couple of hundred bucks might as well set fire to that money, cause even with a reduced multiplier your lot sizes cannot go below 0.01 lots on a micro account. I know there is a great temptation to try and get rich quick but this is an EXTREMELY high risk system and you need to understand *fully* what you are doing. Would you go to a casino and start throwing all your money at a game which you don't know how to play??

              I would suggest going over to babypips and spending a few weeks reading everything you can about forex before you even consider this.

              Remember - the market will be here tomorrow. Make sure your money will be.

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                I totally forgot about the minimum lot size issue for small accounts
                Thanks for mentioning it

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                  Could you please list ALL of the pairs you can and will be trading? So far I have the following pairs listed in your trade history.



                  **This is important for clients who need to change the "Currency Mapping" settings in their SimpleTrader back-office.

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                    I'm glad to see you guys are excited about trading with Silent Specialist. Those that joined early on Friday should have made a gain of about 20% on their accounts (assuming default settings).

                    Let me answer a few of your questions.

                    Does this account hedge?

                    Does this account work for US clients?
                    Yes, however you need to be mindful of leverage. at 1:50 you will need to reduce your risk accordingly to a maximum of 0.15. It also won't work on a very small account because your minimum lot size is 0.01. As a result you'll need about $1,500 for every 0.1 of risk multiplier. An alternative would be to open an account with FinFX where US Citizens can get up to 1:200 leverage.

                    How does the process connecting the trade copier work?
                    After you subscribe through Paypal (currently the only payment processor) you will be emailed instructions on how to connect your MT4 account. The copier works on any broker provided they support the MT4 platform. You will attach an EA (plugin) to your platform that will transmit the trades from the master account, to our servers and then onto your account. This entire process generally takes under a second.

                    Connecting your account is relatively easy and if you get stuck we're available on live chat support 24hrs while the market is open.

                    Should i disable pairs if I have a wide spread on them?

                    No, I wouldn't recommend it. On exotics and cross pairs most brokers will have a similarly wide spread, so there is no reason to disable them.

                    Should I use the same broker as the master account (Alpari)?
                    Not necessarily. Alpari typically have slightly wider spreads than other retail brokers. We generally recommend IC Markets and Axitrader for the tightest spreads in the market.

                    Are there any other historical results available?
                    In the past Silent Specialist has grown an account from $300 to $600k. However unfortunately we aren't able to provide a verified statement of this.

                    Is Silent Specialist planning on trading more pairs than the 20 that have been already identified?
                    I don't believe so, however I need to confirm this.
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                      First let me say "BRING IT ON!". This looks very exciting but I would like to share a simple opinion in the hope that it helps someone else.

                      After reading Nick's and other postings I wanted to chime in and back up previous comments with the word 'caution'.

                      This is not the type of trading for a first time trader and a newbie account. I personally will not sign up for this exciting new signal feed until I have enough scratch to open a new, dedicated account with perhaps $5K USD for example. I have made so many mistakes in the past trying to trade too much with 'not enough' that I encourage others to learn from my mistakes. Proper funding and account size is very important to survive such a dynamic type of trading with a known big DD expectation.

                      Good luck all and thanks Nick for bringing a other exciting signal to the service.



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                        I am using the signal on a demo account. Whenever a trade is opened or closed I am receiving a notificiaton by e-mail and the notification system of Metatrader. Then I decide whether or not I open the same position on my real account manually.
                        If you think automatic trading on a real account is not for the faint of heart, then this is a really good alternative.


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                          Originally posted by leenvr View Post
                          I am using the signal on a demo account. Whenever a trade is opened or closed I am receiving a notificiaton by e-mail and the notification system of Metatrader. Then I decide whether or not I open the same position on my real account manually.
                          If you think automatic trading on a real account is not for the faint of heart, then this is a really good alternative.
                          Good idea Leenvr thanks for the input.

                          You can also have the trading room open in the background. You'll hear a bell when one of our traders opens a position.
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                            I have a technical question. If all positions are closed because of margin call in the trader's account, do we get the a "close position" signal in our follower accounts to close the trades also (even if we still have margin available)?

                            I mean it SHOULD be like this but I am thinking that since the trades are closed automatically by the broker running the master account, maybe there is no signal generated to be copied to the followers. Just want to make sure.

                            Lets keep our fingers crossed with this signal!



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                              The only situation that he gets margin call and you don't is in case you are using higher leverage than his 1:500 or you are using same leverage as him but with risk multiplier less than 1x
                              In this case you can disable the signal form your account when the dd is getting near margin call an damage the basket yourself
                              But anyway he mentioned that his maximum dd would be 40% at most which is far away from margin call

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                                As to the question about the pair traded.
                                My favorite pairs: usdcad, nzdusd, audusd, eurcad, auraud
                                Sometimes I trade: eurjpy, audjpy, audcad, usdjpy, gbpusd, eurusd, gbpjpy
                                Hardly ever do not trade: xauusd, xagusd