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    Scalping is always problematic to copy, especially Asian session. The liquidity is low so you can always expect issues. It will always be a problem.


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      Originally posted by fxtradefx View Post
      One of the best if not the best on Simpletrader. Low and controlled DD and decent average monthly profit. Not bad at all...
      Yes, its a good signal. It would be even better if it had better risk adjusted returns, should be better than 1:2 ratio...


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        A bit quiet in the MHD Club these days. Hope you are well, Joseph


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          Hi Hansen, I'm doing right thanks. The currency market is unusually quiet these days. I'm preparing myself for a volatile move soon, and hopefully, this week's FOMC announcement will keep things moving! In the meanwhile, I will have my eyes on the price action and on the fundamentals.


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            Keep up the good work


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              Please allow me to summarize my trading results in 2017. In total, MHD signal generated approx. 22% in return with a Max Draw Drown slightly below 6%. The first seven months (Jan-July) produced roughly 25% in gain, and the preceding months (Aug-Dec) resulted in a loss of -3%. The most profitable month had a +8.43% (March), and worst month with -3.8% (August). During the year I had no more than two consecutive losing months.

              As you can see from my trading results, since August 2017, I have had experienced a consolidation and relatively small loses compared to my yearly return in %. The MHD system hasn't been able to generate positive gain during this period (Aug-Dec) mainly because of volatility decrease during August-September, and Volatility trap in December.

              With that said, I'm confident that 2018 will bring more and better opportunities to make a decent profit while appropriately managing risk. My goal is to make around 20-30% of profit, keeping my Max -Drawdown below the threshold of 10-15%.

              I'm looking forward cooperating with fellow traders and investors during 2018, and please in case you have questions share them with me and I will do my best to answer them.

              Happy New Year and may 2018 be a profitable year for you!

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                Congratulations on a good year overall. I am sure 2018 will bring you profits.


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                  A good start in 2018 so far with this weeks profit at 5.17 %.
                  Patient is key to a successful 2018! I hope all who follows my signal understand that I put much emphasis on trade management, reducing risk while aiming at achieving a yearly profit at minimum twice as much as the yearly drawdown.

                  I want to contribute by helping my followers to achieve a consistent profit without doing unpredictable things.

                  When there is not so much momentum in the market I will not be trading so much and as a result, my equity curve enters into a consolidation with a period of drawdown. It is during such period you can distinguish a professional from an amateur trader.


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                    Excellent trading been a follower since the beginning and have always had faith in your system and your trading. Lets see if we can have a lots of weeks where the markets are breaking out prefect for your system.

                    Have you had any update regarding the Asia trades I haven't copied these for over 4 months. Is there any feed back regarding the slippage issues followers where having.

                    Good Work mate, fantastic way to start the year.


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                      Thanks Gunter!

                      Asian session have been in range trading mode most of the time since Septemeber 2017. Unfortunately the slippage will continue be a problem if you don't have the same broker, and and especially when markets opens Sundays. The slippage issue will become less problematic when the average win increases.




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                        Did anyone get that UERUSD short trade from around market open? I missed it. Bloody annoying as it was a 1% winner! Gah!


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                            I'm sorry BRM that you didn't get that bloody 1% winner into your account .
                            Don't worry, eventually, more will come.

                            Gunther, glad you pick both trades!


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                              Recently I have received some questions about my risk management approach, and more specifically about my drawdown management.

                              In my opinion, managing drawdown is as important as generating profit. If you've been trading Forex or another financial instrument, you will undoubtedly experience losing streak, sometimes a minor one and at other times a more prolonged streak. How you will deal and manage it will tell if you have the skills to become a consistently profitable trader. The best Forex traders that I'm aware of are expert in this area, and all of them have their own unique method ensuring them to be consistently profitable, landing softly when their results deteriorate while those who struggle tend to crash and hit the wall.

                              During the last years, I have developed my own method managing profit and risk at all times, which involves both technical and psychological aspects. The later is far more important. The market taught me that losing streaks become more magnified when emotions get involved. In order to minimize the damage from a loss, I simply reduce my emotional involvement. In order to do it, I always ensure that max drawdown never can be reached by a single trade, day, week, and theoretically not in a single calendar month. If max drawdown is reached I will be on alert, and revise my system, investigate what cussed it, and act on a predefined plan.

                              I have set a hard stop at 20% giving it little more room than the max Drawdown. If my predefined max drawdown of 15 % is reached, I will not terminate the signal in such a scenario but keep going since I have a long-term goal.
                              Further, in order to manage risk, I also keep my total exposure to the market below 10%.

                              I have several investors following my system because of my approach to the market and how I manage risk.

                              In order to follow my signal here in simple trader community, you need to have patience because sometimes we can go three months with little or no profit at all since the signal is very depended on market volatility.



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                                The EURUSD pair is ranging at the moment, and price action is solely within last week's range. All eyes on Thursday's ECB press release, where they will release monetary policy decision for January.
                                In December, ECB let its monetary policies unchanged, and Draghi's firm announcement at that time caused the EUR to depreciated against the USD.
                                What to expect in January? Well, for us, I hope we see some volatility expansion and trade opportunities. Further, I don't see that Draghi will change his policies, but might slightly hint at future policy change.

                                Keep tuned, and stay alert.