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    Hi All,

    I thought I create a post on this strategy as I have ran the strategy without too many issues over the last couple of weeks.

    Last month I found this strategy on the signal-start network.

    I managed to get the in touch with the signal provider & asked him to publish the signal on the simpletrader network.

    Thales - Strategy Description
    The Thales core strategy is based on trading high-impact news events, in particular central bank monetary policy announcements. The strategy seeks to capitalize on circumstances where the values of currencies deviate from their fundamental value in relation to unexpected policy shifts, unexpected data or overreaction to expected data. Such deviations tend to occur in short intervals when the market is still digesting the impact of new information.

    The core premise of the strategy is the ability to interpret information better than other market participants. This ability is based on a deeply specialized research process which is followed by sophisticated pre-trade plans. The strategies contain research of price action during previous similar events, research on current market expectations and condition, pre-determined trading conditions for entry, risk, stop losses and exit signals for each scenario. Despite being a discretionary strategy, it allows standardized trading approaches as the strategies are adhered to the point. This approach minimizes any psychological biases typical for discretionary strategies. Thus, the trading results are based principally on quality of research and execution, instead of directional biases (i.e. trying to forecast where the market is going).

    Trades are typically held for a few hours to a day. Although the system is far from trend-following, in some cases part of the position is left to run for longer time if there is a perceived fundamental shift in information, which might establish a new trend. In these cases, the positions are typically winning and stops are set to break even. If no real trading opportunities arise, the strategy might stay in cash for longer periods.

    The Thales strategy is in the risk category F (high-risk) as it seeks to achieve high returns, notwithstanding any market conditions. However strict risk management techniques are always utilized in accordance with the pre-determined trading strategy in an attempt to keep exposure and maximum intra-day and monthly drawdowns within acceptable tolerances. Trading is stopped if one of the pre-defined intra-day and/or monthly drawdown is hit. Stop losses are used on every trade and trades are never left unmanaged. Before each trading session a thorough analysis is performed, to evaluate whether the trades can accommodate larger positions with regards to quality of signal, market conditions, liquidity and possibility of external events such as currency interventions.

    Question - The strategy had a 7+ loss in July - Response from trader:

    On July we were trading with slightly higher risk, and we simply ended up in a situation where we were wrong multiple times in a row, with one of the events being a high conviction trade where we had a high-risk configuration. Back then we had set ourselves max DD per event 6-8%. Since that event, we have lowered the DD threshold per event to 4%, to counter these instances. It has not impaired our returns in any significant way, as we did this already in August 2016.

    I run this signal along side others (Math Prof/Titan/Steady Capture) on different accounts.

    If you have issues running the signal there is a managed option available as well. (See below)

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    Hi see this strategy a few weeks also, is one of the best strategys there, but i see that open orders in new events, how are the slippage throw news events?


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      what is the max risk drawdown when you cut all the trades? Users need to set that up in their system for max dd cut for risk 1. Thank you.


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        1) Slippages not had any issue but I've got my "Max Slippage in Pips:" above 10.

        2) The mistake i did make i lost out on over 1% of profit as i did not have all the market watch open.

        3) According to the description its 4% max per event, i normally place a manual stop loss on all my signals between 10 to 20% incase a
        black swan event happens.

        Forex example Gold Star max drawdown say is 15% on a particular level i would normally go in around 17%
        Titan - A bit lower as the strategy is different.

        Thus depends on the strategy.....

        Hope that helps.
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          Strange, you say the max DD is 4% per event, but on myfxbook you can see the DD is over 10%. Also, slippage setting over 10 pips, this is quite high. I see they closed some trades at 1 to 5 pips, this would all end in a loss for you while they get profit. Plus they don't trade only on forex. Lmax has good quotes and you need a fast execution to follow it. What broker do they recommend and what pairs are they trading? Otherwise, the system looks good, so I added it to my watchlist.


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            I joined the signal as I thought it was a good one, thus not sure about any recommendations, however I personally use Divisa for the broker.

            Slippage settings I set high simply because I don't want to miss any trades, over the years I found a few people do this. I know the risks but I've ran many signal over the years quite happy with this but do understand news trading its not ideal.

            I tested the signal for 4 weeks on a lower risk thus I'm happy with the results but everyone is with a different broker, location, etc, etc, which could effect results.

            10% drawdown but after August 2016 they implemented a 4% max drawdown on per event - This is what I was told. Since then looks like they stuck to it.



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              can ask the owner to open all the history for the fx book? thank you


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                Originally posted by Pie View Post
                can ask the owner to open all the history for the fx book? thank you
                You can see the history from this:


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                  Originally posted by yshin View Post

                  You can see the history from this:

                  is clearer to see from fx book live history


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                    Anybody have disconnect problems last friday? i don t receve a single trade,


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                      Hi, no issues here.


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                        anyone knows how to find this strategy on signalstart or simpletrader ?


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                          Originally posted by fcardix View Post
                          anyone knows how to find this strategy on signalstart or simpletrader ?
                          Unfortunately they stopped selling signals. They are now MAM and PAM only.



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                            You can still invest in a through darwinex.
                            They have a large following there


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                              Hi, as others have said only managed.

                              UK investors if you select the varianse (broker) where you want to the run the managed account you can select the spreadbetting option when opening the account.