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    I just joined, and I am not at all upset by the two losing trades to begin. On the contrary, I commend you Joseph for being decisive and cutting losers quickly. Looking forward to a long, profitable journey with you.


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      Welcome abroad PGZN! Indeed, I had two losing trades and unfortunately you timed those. As I have said previously, I cannot guarantee that I will be winning on all my trades, and the fact is that we will have periods of losing trades. Personally, I don't see those as losing trades but rather as cost of doing business.


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        Hey fellow traders,

        I have been trading MHD account exactly one year. The results have been good. The system gained 47% in return with a max drawdown below 4%. See attached Myfxbook screen from my account for verification. The results were achieved by executing approx. 500 trades; 60% winning trades with an average win above average loss. In June 17, I managed to gain 6.54 % in return with only 1.86 in Max DD.
        In short, Iím satisfied with my first year and I also hope that next year will be more successful.

        To all my subscribers, keep up the good work; be patient and take responsibility for your success.
        Thanks for your trust!

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          Great Trader and Signal provider Thank You.


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            Well done, Joseph! Solid performance.


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              thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it. You haven't yet seen the full potential of my system I can guarantee! Eventually when the EURUSD breaks from the multi-year range you will see better results hopefully. Patient is a key virtue in life, applicable in trading as well .


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                Dear subscribers,

                First of all, allow me to thank you for being such a loyal and consistent subscribers to MHD system over the recent months. Your satisfaction is very important to me, and I hope I have been successful in providing with good trading results. My ambition is to over deliver in the coming months.

                I never like having to write this letter, but it's unfortunately sometimes necessary. Due to business reasons Iím going to be raising subscription fees on MHD signal. The increase will be with 20$, and will take effect beginning of 1st of August.

                This price increase is minimal, and something we must do in order to continue to provide you with the quality you've come to expect. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me immediately.

                Note: The price increase will not affect those who currently have a subscription.

                Thank you,
                MHD Signal


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                  I see that you increase your lot size in some situations.

                  You don't consider your system a martingale, but how is it not and what would happen if the price went quickly against you when you use larger lots?
                  Also is there any hidden DD due to myfxbook update timing?

                  Thanks in advance,


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                    Hi P,

                    Good questions indeed!

                    In short, I don't use any martingale position sizing in my trading. Check my historical record for your information.

                    Systems that uses Martingale are adding to a losing trade in the hope of lowering the average entry price which requires a smaller move in your favor to reach breakeven.
                    Further, I donít have any hidden DD. My drawn down is shown in simple trader and Myfxbook. I know that Myfxbook have had some problem in showing the right drawdown for many traders.

                    Part of my trading uses volatility/momentum based position sizing but always keeping the predefined risk respected. Therefore, you will see some part of my position have different position size. Also my algorithm is not designed to add to a losing trade but rather keep losing trades small in comparison to wining trades.

                    Let me know if you have more questions. I will do my best in answering your questions.



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                      Nice trading today. Thank you.


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                        Thanks PGZN! Happy pips to all of you!


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                          great gains this month, thanks for the good work, Joseph.


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                            I'm looking forward for August trading. The first week of August has been quiet due to low volatility in EURUSD. Let's see if today's and coming week's macroeconomic data will influence decision makers and as a result start to move the markets.


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                              During my last five years in the financial markets I've witnessed and seen many big trading accounts wiped out mostly due to greed and bad trading management.

                              Unarguably, most of these so called professional traders had difficulties to manage psychological stress when being in a drawdown, consolidation and operating under low volatile markets. Since most trading is done by computers and algorithms, they have to pay attention to volatility. When it is low, they have to increase their risk to maintain their returns. This added leverage creates the potential for an unexpectedly sharp reversal in strong trends. Once the market begins to turn, usually on some news item, it can accelerate down/up as all of the leveraged firms have to quickly reduce their leverage. They do so by selling/ buying, and their action causes other firms to reduce leverage. And it's here where most of retail traders lose their money. So my advise to all fellow traders and investors is not to over expose your capital account too trading trading systems that uses grid, martingale, bad risk-reward and and a system that has a big volatility in its monthly return and draw down.

                              As a result my trading approach is based on a sound risk management, little exposure, not being to leveraged, relatively low draw down and steady profit growth. When being in a drawdown or in congestion I will not let greed and fear control my emotions and I only take trades that are according to my plan.


                              Joseph - MHD
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                                Question by: oportunis Yesterday, 10:43 PM
                                Hi, Joseph. What is the average risk per trade? I see in Asian session you put SL so far away that if it would get hit it would wipe out at least 10%. I know you close before it goes there, so what is the risk on those trades usually?

                                My Answer:
                                Hi Oportunis!
                                Indeed, during Asian session I put my protective SL on EURJPY far away (200 pips) from entry price. That SL is place to protect me from from very unexpected sharp moves during Asian session and I will most of the time close my trade before hittning the SL. If the worst scenario happens, than I will of course lose 10% and that's one of the reason that I have programmed risk factor of 10-15 % as max draw down (theoritically).

                                However, During the last 8 years my biggest loss was at 3.8%, and during the same period the average loss is 0.4%, where the average profit was at 0.5% and highest profit at 4.5%. Win/loss ratio for that period was 75% (win) and 25% loss.

                                Further, I also use news filter to make me aware of important macro news, and the EA will not trade when there is an important news coming out during Asian session.

                                If, one feels unconfident with the high lot being traded during Asian, you can always decrease risk for the asian session, but I don't recommend that.

                                Hope I answered your question.