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    I'm excited to announce that as a result of my recent trip to Canada I secured the services of a truly outstanding manual trader. He was formerly known as SteadyCaptureFX on Zulutrade and boasts an impressive track record dating back to 2012.

    After having lunch with him at one of Toronto's finest establishments I'm confident he's got the skills, temperament and motivation we need to bring him into the community.

    Here is a fresh master account that he's set up specifically for us:

    I've also been following his trades on a personal account since February with great results. (He was forced to change master accounts recently, that's why my account contains more history than the master account)

    The trade statement is a little deceptive, I can assure you it's not martingale or a mechanical grid. Once a set up is identified the trader will scale in and out of positions, sometimes over a dozen positions can be opened and closed in a short period of time. The result is a smooth equity curve over with no roller coaster moments over the past 3 years.

    Dom, has also done some detailed analysis on the strategy and compiled a report that we will be making available in the coming days.

    To celebrate the launch of this signal we're offering a "buy one get one free" month's access to SteadyCapture Look out for an email in the coming days with the offer!

    UPDATE: Our SteadyCapture's report is available for download here.
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    Thanks for the introduction Nick and I'm happy to become a part of the team here at!

    I've been getting to know Nick and for about 8 months now and coming from a background in professional currency speculation myself it's been very refreshing to see someone with a similar vision and drive for making money for their clients and validating the Forex asset class. I'm a strong believer in Forex as a true alternative asset class and as a professional trader it is my primary trading instrument.

    To introduce myself and my trading background a little more please feel free to visit:

    To those who've followed or been familiar with my trading in the past I'd like to introduce and recommend you to the team. They have a very solid and professional offering, are truly interested in you successfully making money, and have an experienced Forex community as well!

    Please feel free to comment or ask questions as I will do my best to frequent the forums this week in between trading.

    Let's capture some profits!


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      A very obvious question from my side! does SteadyCapture have an MAMM? is this something to look forward to in future?


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        Currently at the launch there is not but it is something we've talked about for the future. I'll defer to Nick on how the development and timing of things will play out.


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          I want to see the zulutrade profile?


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            Coming Soon...


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              Do you have a myfxbook extension history at all? Nice to see you on board!


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                Welcome on board, SteadyCapture!

                Which is the system's maxDD? Which is the historical DD?

                Thank you,


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                  Welcome SteadyCapture on our journey with


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                    Welcome SC!

                    Nick, has Dom done his analysis on the steady capture signal?


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                      Thank you,

                      The account is structured to allow a maximum of 30% DD in maximum leveraged situations. This has never occurred because of how I manage open positions and the relatively short average trade duration. I have no problem cutting losers when appropriate and have built up a history of doing so when necessary. The maximum intraday DD in the last 4 years was just under 10% which was shallower than what I will allow for this type of account, but it's just how it's worked out.

                      More historical information including a spreadsheet with drawdown going back to 2012 will be released soon.


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                        Welcome Steady, how long will the 9 weeks for 79$ be available?


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                          Originally posted by moultan View Post
                          Welcome Steady, how long will the 9 weeks for 79$ be available?
                          Hi Moultan,

                          It will be available until the end of September.
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                            We are spoiled for choice. Christmas came early courtesy of St Nick. Welcome, SteadyCapture. I'll watch for a while and probably join in soon.


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                              Hi Nick.
                              Is your SC account here still connected to the signal?
                              It seems it missed current open trade (Long NzdCad)...
                              Thank you